Terumi Goto


《Grafitti House Cafe》TERIYA 

What is ART? Art  is be necessary abstracted essence of everything. Sociality, human, relationships, child, art history and thought can be powerful imaginations for everyone and world by art. 

《Please Stop International Conflicts》

Video, 1min ,2008 Art Center Ongoing

actor: Masahiro Satsuka


Performance ,2008 Art Center Ongoing

photo: Nozomu Ogawa


supports: colliu, Yoshie Sugito 

《Grafitti House Cafe》

《Grafitti House Cafe》TERIYA

Performance and Installation ,2007

Musashino Art University

thanks: Mr.Shima , Yuji Akatsuka , Hideyuki Nagasawa


《kotte》is art project produced by Terumi GOTO. The project has based on art school's system that art education and art research and so on. The generation source of art[Mechanism of ART] is when trying learn the art them as first steps themselves. Art will be occur and stand up as construction and  images when expresser had own inspirations. Students are people who looking for what is art, in addition role of school is research an art always.《kotte》is new academism happened by artist(Terumi GOTO)'s movement.This is always open.Opening as physical space and also today's art. [Open]is more important than the dissemination of art. That why this relationships of school's activities can be connect to society of other than the students. Open for, for example local communities, any places and today's art communities. Activities of installed of art works by artist at nursery school in this city, and teaching an art at other contemporary art space. Activities of hold on event by today's art community who artists, curator, critic, collector and other fields's art lovers. Actually the force of the public spaces of art have been towing like that movements constantly in art history at the same time single activities of artists.《kotte》 can continue to do some kind of art project with someone.  The interesting things of art is that I don't know what will happen someone joins something art. This school is art space, anytime open. 

Art School, Art Project, Art Space Established in 2012~ until now. Kanagawa, Japan


Shingo ARUGA

​《Blind Tactile Sense 20200111》


at kotte1 in Kanagawa, Japan



Public art 2020 

By kotte's art project  at Nursery school in 

Kanagawa, Japan


​《Anna and Father》


《Physical contact-towards peace  物理的な接触―平和に向けて》

Novel, 2020


Installation, Paintings, text, drawings, video, mixed media, 2020

Gallery OUT of Place TOKIO , Tokyo

A Forest.TerumiGoto.jpeg

《KUROGURO-like God good luck  festival/クログロ様の神幸祭》

Performance, sculpture


Musashino Art University , Tokyo

audio thanks: Shingo Aruga , Tomohiro Nagahata